About us


Sri Lanka Universities Sports Association, commonly referred as the SLUSA, is the sports governing body of the Sri Lankan university system. With its inception by the renowned sportsman & the great educationist, Mr. Lesley Handunge in 1980, the SLUSA has been doing a pioneering role to develop the university sports. Since then, the SLUSA caters to all the national universities that fall under the Universities Act No.16 of 1978 and undergraduates Admission Selection by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka. All 14 universities of the country are the members of the SLUSA.

The Executive Committee of the SLUSA comprises Director Physical Education/Officer in-charge of the Department of Physical Education and one Instructor of Physical Education from each Member University. The office bearers of SLUSA Executive Committee are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting of SLUSA.

Objective of SLUSA

The overall objective of the SLUSA is the promotion and development of Physical Education and Competitive and Recreational Sports in the National Universities administered by UGC. The

Over the years, sports activities in Sri Lankan Universities have increased, and SLUSA has contributed positively towards this development. Academia and Sports are two important parallel activities in university education in the global context.